9 Things You Should NEVER Do in Vietnam ???????? Don'ts of Vietnam Travel

In today's travel vlog we will go over the 9 Things You Should Never Do in Vietnam and discuss the Don'ts of Vietnam. I really enjoy researching things you should never do in a country.

I worked with my friend from Vietnam, Trang, to come up with this list of Don'ts of Vietnam. I traveled to Vietnam with Remote Year and stayed there for a month. I lived in Hanoi Vietnam and traveled to Ha Long Bay. Some of these Things You Should Never Do in Vietnam were obvious but others are a little more obscure.

While this is not a Vietnam travel guide, or a Things to Do in Vietnam travel guide or a How To Travel Vietnam travel guide but it'll be useful if you decide travel Vietnam is in your future.
Hope you enjoy these travel tips for Vietnam travel.

Even though I spent most of my time in Hanoi Vietnam, these Things You Should Never Do in Vietnam apply across the board to Hanoi Vietnam, Hoi An Vietnam, Halong Bay Vietnam, Saigon Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam and other Vietnamese cities as well.

Never Do This in Vietnam

Never forget to Apply for a Visa. If you are thinking about Vietnam travel, this is a big one. Unlike many countries in Southeast Asia, you can’t just show up to Vietnam and expect a Visa on arrival. Vietnam has some pretty strict visa requirements, especially for us folks coming from the US. So make sure you plan in advance.

Never buy bottled water without checking the seal. There are scammers all over the world and Vietnam is no exception. One of the scams is to refill used water bottles with tap water and sell to unsuspecting tourists. You can get all kinds of waterborne illnesses from this - so be on the look out for unsealed water bottles.

Never buy anything from markets without haggling. Haggling is part of the Vietnamese culture, it’s expected. If you don’t haggle you’re gong to pay the prehaggle mark up price!

Never forget to take off your shoes when entering a Vietnamese house. This is a common theme in many of my Never Do This videos, especially the ones in Asia. In Vietnam, it is considered rude to keep your shoes on indoors. Shoes are considered dirty and should never be worn in the house.

Never do an excessive amount of PDA. The Vietnamese tend to be pretty conservative and public displays of affection are considered inappropriate. Giving a peck on the cheek is ok…just be sure not to overdue it.

Never stop once you start crossing the street in Vietnam. The traffic is nuts in Vietnamese cities. It will seem impossible to cross a street but you can do it. You just have to step out into the chaos and keep moving…the traffic will magically go around you.

Never get in a cab in Vietnam. I usually say never get in a cab that’s unmetered but even metered cabs in Vietnam might try to scam you by riding around in circles to run up the bill. Like I mentioned before, the streets in Vietnam are chaotic, so you probably want even notice it’s happening. It’s best to use Grab (an Uber like app) to get from place to place.

Never be wary about jumping on the back of a Grab bike. I just talked about the Grab app and one of the coolest things about it is you can request a moped ride. These things are super cheap, usually under a dollar to go anywhere in the city and they are much faster than a traditional car since mopeds can zoom in and out of traffic. Your rider will show up and hand you a helmet and then of you go!

Never expect to sleep late! People in Vietnam get up early and start moving around. You’ll hear all kinds of things happening around 6am and the noise won’t stop until around 10pm. Embrace it, wake up early and go have a Vietnamese coffee!
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Hoi An and My Son
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